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According to Moonalice legend, tonight's poster by Alexandra Fischer depicts Carlotta Moonalice, the matriarch whose preference for farming in the nude has influenced tribal agriculture for the past 100 years. As a child, Carlotta struggled to wash trichromes out of the clothes of the folks who cleaned the harvest. It seemed like a terrible waste of trichromes, so when it was Carlotta's turn to clean the herb, she shucked her clothes and worked in the buff. This proved to be distracting, but also extremely popular. It has been industry-standard practice in our tribe ever since.


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Tribe Comments

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Sexadelic artwork :)

zigzagtheclown's picture

awesome...keep on rockin' the grange halls, guys. thank you all so much... and Our Lady Crystal Madonna, May your kindness and hospitality continue to light the way Onward Through The Fog ! ! Pete ,hoping that Ophelia will grow toward the Light...PEACE

Halemaumau's picture

OK, I haven't tripped this hard straight, much less from my couch, in as long as I can remember. Thank you Ken and Zane for keeping the bus alive! aNd ThAnK yOu MoOnAlIcE fOr ReMiNdInG mE tHaT mY sEaT hAs NeVeR lEft!

Halemaumau's picture

This show rocked and I was spellbound. I was feelin' blue for not havin' made GAMH show with free tickets too - as no one would volunteer on Thanksgiving much less respond. But I made up for it by enjoyin' the couch tour on 12/01/12 + 12/02/12 - just think of what the Mayans might have made of those dates - heck, 12/22/12 ain't nothing! You can't have your date and eat her too! Or can you?

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I LOVE this poster. Alex, you ROCK my retinas!!!

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Couch Tour Attendees

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2012-12-01 @ Van Duzen River Grange
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