Live Mar 9, 2012 in Felton

Couch tour
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Thanks to Glenn, the audio is now fixed!!! Enjoy!!!

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There is a reason that they call the "leading edge" the "bleeding edge." I loved being able to watch the show from the couch yesterday. Thank you and love and best wishes to Tim for a speedy recovery!!!

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We apologize for the audio problems on the live Couch Tour for the Felton show. Our sound engineer, Tim Stiegler, was in the hospital. His replacements did a fine job for those at the show, but we were unable to translate that into a great live feed. Glenn believes he has clean versions of the audio from both shows, so we fix the archive this week.

Such is life at the leading edge of technology.

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Yes, all our best to Tim S!! Get well soon! Looking forward to Phoenix with the rest of the Tribe.

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Get well soon Timmy ♥ we missed you !

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You all were amazing tonight! Thank you for kicking off your tour in the San Lorenzo (Moonalice) Valley!

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First performance of "Wonderful World".

First show with Lee Scott as drum tech.
Tim Stiegler in hospital with virus and complications; Terry handles FOH.