Live Apr 20, 2012 in San Francisco

Couch tour
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Tribe Comments

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Thank you all for a fantastic 4/20 Pow wow! We are the luckiest band on earth!

After last nights extearmly fine 4/20 show, I had to come back to this fantastic 3rd, set. I was right! It was fantastic! My o'my Ann & guys, you were so ... trying to find the right words ...
Beautifully energenic!

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It's early AM 4:20:2012 and I am up feeling exhilarated about the day and night to come.
The Tribe's Annual Pow Wow and it's members starting to prepare for what will yet be another Holy Sacred Event, officially starting at 4:20PM
today with doors to the outer realms opening at 6:PM, while planning to fuel up on good grub preparing for a 7:20PM lift off, dancing to magical vibrations as a Tribe while surrounded by the finest psychedelic art and artists to roam the planet in millenniums. The art, music and refreshments will help guide all of us to one's own Sacred space.
This Tribal Pow Wow will be very special. Many of my friends will be there in full participation, don't forget yours!

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We will definitely be there!

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I am hoping to make it out to this show, it will be a lot of fun and great to see everyone.