Live Oct 19, 2012 in Baltimore

Couch tour
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THE CLANSMAN SAYS: Still absorbing how great it was to see you all for the first time last night! It was a total experience of soul strengthening, spirit fueling, original and masterful music! You're one of the desperately few "true to the form" musical experiences happening anywhere. You START at a level I had resigned myself to hoping can be attained, "at some point in the show" by most other tours, then you guys get warmed up and keep going furthur out. THE MUSICIAN SAYS: On the tour opener, the sound from the board and the stage were so close to perfect that it was utterly transparent most of the time. Close to "perfect stereophonic accuracy from any point in the room". What a supergroup! Stellar production team (I mean, SERIOUSLY?!?!?!) The crowd became an integral part of the whole production and the music played the room. What more is there??? WHAT THE HECK IS THIS??? >>>For what it's worth, innumerable snakes and fires were met and averted in order to land on this gamma-ray driven neutrino. Though particles of matter and anti-matter are nowhere to be seen, I can strangely confirm advance forms of life exist here. "Neutrino to bridge: Scotty, go grab yourself some Sorian brandy and relax. The crew is free to beam up and down at their own discretion. We are continuing to conduct sonic research. Out."