Live Oct 27, 2012 in Albany

Couch tour
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Tribe Comments

Paul Carusoe's picture

This show was so psychedelic and deliciously excellent that I could hardly stand it!!!!! a funny aspect was the hike to the men's bathroom. It was so long that I forgot what I was doing in the hall before I finally found the restroom. Afterwards, walking back to Ken's car, there were all these people in funny costumes on the street. I had forgotten it was Halloween time and just thought they were all dressed up for the Moonalice show. LOL!!!!

KenNJD's picture

This show was AMAZING! The light show complimented the music PERFECTLY! And the crowd was very receptive. Didn't expect to go originally, BUT SOOOOO GLAD I DID!!!

ChubbyWombat's picture

We had a satellite malfunction and the last fifteen minutes of the set -- before the encore -- missing. As soon as we get back to the west coast, we will place the full show in the archive.