Live Dec 2, 2012 in Applegate

Couch tour
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What was so special about this show was that I saw it in its entirety streaming live with my 26 yr old son watching from his condo in Kaimuki (Honolulu) at the same moment in time and space. I went through hell and back again in November with my wife; and to be able to chill, relax and just enjoy such high-energy, balls-to-the-wall rockin' music is a tribute to the timelessness of Moonalice's compositions.

All of Quicksilver Messenger Service's, most of Jefferson Airplane's, and all of Hot Tuna's early albums were on my turntable long before I finally discovered the brillance and electricity of the Grateful Dead's live shows in person. I was too young to go to the Carousel Ballroom and early Fillmore gigs, but the SF psychedelic sound became part of my life from 1967 to this day. Unfortunately I am unable to play my music around my house much because it pisses my wife off. I married her twice, so obviously I still haven't figured out the importance of having a partner who actually gets you, and appreciates you for who you are.

This show brought some stellar keyboard and guitar work from Pete, great vocals/harmonies from Roger, fluid riffs and pedal steel work from Barry, and steady, tight backbone that John brings to the group. My favorites are in Set 1: Live To Love, Last Frontier, Joker's Lie, You And Me, especially Eight Miles High, and Tell Me It's Okay; in Set 2: Might As Well, Wonderful World, That's Alright Mama, and the in-n-out Not Fade Away was a hotter and more fun version than I ever recall the original Grateful Dead, Phil & Friends, The Dead, or even Furthur do - and I know what I'm talking about having attended some 300 shows of those boys, at least 225 when Jerry was still The Captain (Trips)!

What I don't know is whether I can check having attended a concert if all I do is enjoy from my couch? To me that has to be sacred!

I can't wait to get to a real Moonalice show in person, to see the real deal with your amazingly good lightshow - that, by the way, reminds me of some of the late 70s when lightshows were the real deal still, before digitization and other light trickery. And oh by the way, I may be single in real time going forward - no more compromising who I am in my heart and soul!

Thank you, Moonalice.