Live Jul 21, 2013 in Mill Valley

Couch tour
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hello guys !

that s a real great pleasure to see and hear your live adventures !
i am in France ( Europe ) , so far from your live shows ...
Moonalice is a great band , and you all are fantastic musicians and human spirits .
I am now waiting to the lates couch tour show ...
excuse me for the small english language i can use .

thanks thanks thanks and take care of you !

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I really love you guys !
you re all fantastics musiciens and humans spirits ...
it's a great pleasure to see and hear your live adventures ,
here from france ( europe ), where i think i'd never have the chance see you in real ....
MOONALICE is a great band and i m waiting now to the couch tour futures shows .

Thanks thanks thanks !


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You guys were on it today! What a great show, full of sublime musical moments and fantastic energy. Thanks so much! Rosie McGee

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I enjoyed today's couch tour, but I had to use my laptop to watch because the Beta Moontunes videoplayer for Anadroid would not steam any video only audio. I tried to watch the archive of todays show now (6:43 pm) on my NEXUS 7 and now I can not get sound or picture. Oh well. that's a beta app for you. :P