Live Aug 8, 2013 in Moraga

Couch tour
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You guys have brought this huge smile on my face once again!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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that's what i call a sunny afternoon wiyh good music !!!

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Really nice show guys.....didnt catch it live but i did watch the whole show right after New Riders of the Purple Sage show. They gave you all a nice shout out at their show also!!!! Keep up the great work.

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Thank you!! Moraga is a really fun place to play. It's a natural amphitheater with a shed-style stage. The top is probably 100 yards from the stage. It was a beautiful night and lots of families brought picnics. There were tons of little kids, which is always fun. And a bunny.


You guys are really tight tonight. Beautiful music.

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Hello again! Having a blast on my couch!