Live Nov 23, 2013 in Grass Valley

Couch tour
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Kip Bailing's picture

What is this awesome High Five Song? A Moonalice original? Maybe you'll tell me after the song (I'm listening a few weeks late), but I'm stoked for it no matter what.

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oh,no I don't know what to brain will not grasp onto this particular reality... According to moonalice legend, this was first performance of "Keep On Growing", HOWEVER, if memory serves me well, which it often does not, I heard them play this song @HUMBOLDT COUNTY FAIR this past summer....ok, so heres the dilemma, choices are 1)do the research OR 2)this calls for immediate application of the emergency musical memory stimulant formula(sometimes referred to as a Humboldt speedball)one part organic hippie high dose coffee,or chai, along with three parts concentrated cannabis resin,taken internally of course.repeat as directed..note to farmacist- unlimited refills are available and highly encouraged.

zorro's picture

You guys surprised us with new songs and plenty of Beatles tunes that rocked the place last night. Barry you take me away to music euphoria.

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Great time! My first MoonAlice gig! Thanks for the beautiful poster also, j