Live Aug 21, 2016 in Mill Valley

Couch tour
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Tribe Comments

Matt Frisco's picture

Try the video again. It looks like a clear copy of some sort of master tape replaced the shoddy stream. At least on a laptop. "Mr Spaceman" was a perfect example. It's fine, now

Kip Bailing's picture

I'm disappointed that I cannot enjoy what appears to have been an amazing concert. This video presents so many glitches that it's unwatchable & unlistenable. Has anyone else noticed a dramatic decline in video quality (that is, an increase in glitches) that began Spring of 2015 & plagues almost every show's video, some worse than others? As much as I love the beautifully-produced video aa the ability to see the musicians' interplay, I'd be satisfied with a MixLR audio-only stream, if the music feed was in better shape.