Live Apr 20, 2020 in Bay Area

Couch tour
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I sure had a "grate" time with the Full MoonAlice! I hadn't a chance to experience your presence since the Halloween show at the Golden Sails. I brought my son and daughter with me back then and we were so thrilled to be in the midst of you along with the T Sisters and the Chamber Brothers. (BTW, my son wants to marry the T Sisters, all 3 of them, lol...)
Therefore, yesterday's 420 show was too too cool! I got to wave at Wavy Gravy, to boot, tee hee!
P.S. I was looking at all my MoonAlice posters and see that I've been remiss on keeping track of the MoonAlice shows I've attended on my profile page here. I will tend to that while I'm sheltering.
Ooooo, can I purchase the 420 poster/s?