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Live in San Francisco
Apr 20, 2014
Tribal Celebration @ Slim's w/ Special Guest David Nelson IN SAN FRANCISCO, CA
w/ Wavy Gravy, Jason Crosby & Friends
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According to Moonalice legend, today is 4/20 ... the highest of high holy days in the Moonalice tribe. It is a day for celebration with friends, music, poster art and, of course, fine cannabis. Our poster artists have outdone themselves with 21 posters - three incredible screen prints that are available for purchase and 18 offset posters that will be given to each of you as a set.

Each poster reveals an important aspect of the legend, but time permits me to share only one story. According to Moonalice legend, this poster by our art director Chris Shaw depicts our Lady of Holy Bong Water, Mary Juana. Mary was a fallen woman of the best kind ... she made sure than no one in the tribe ever suffered from lack of good weed. As you might have guessed, Big Steve is now a High Priest in the Holy Bong Water Auxiliary, so if the spirit moves you, Big Steve is your man.

Special Guests:
1st Set: David Nelson from Rocky Road Blues through Rainy Day Women
2nd Set: Jason Crosby from Tell Me It's Okay through Not Fade Away
David Nelson from C'est La View through Not Fade Away
Encore: David Nelson and Jason Crosby on Ripple

Special Thanks to the Moonalice Crew ... and the team that put on this amazing show:
Dan English: production manager
Tori Hill: production
Tim Stiegler: Sound
Derek Walls: Stage

Jenna Lebowitz: Travel Manager and Strategist
Chris Shaw: Art Director
Karin Conn: Publicity

Arthur Rosato: Video
Patrick Spohrer: Satellite
Glenn Evans: Video

Joe Tang: Truck
John Rogan: Bus

Robin Gascon: Wombat Keeper
Earl Stokes: Transportation
Rory Lenny: Transportation
Diarmuid Harrington: Transportation

Gail Barnes: Facebook and Twitter

Jay Blakesburg: Photos
Bob Minkin: Photos
Sue Weiand: Photos
Ebb Eskew: Photos
Rupert Coles: Photos

Dave Nelson: Guest
Wavy Gravy: Clown
Jason Crosby: Guest
Dan Lebowitz: Jason's Friend
Jay Lane: Jason's Friend
Chris Crosby: Jason's Friend

Tim McQuaid: Merch
Tham Sodsaengsuk: Merch
Cyndy Poon: Merch
Mikal Malkovich: Merch

Todd Shipley: Poster show
Sixto Mendez: Poster show
Marcelino Estrada: Poster show
Mario Mendez: Poster show
Dennis Wong: Poster show
Andrew Hart: Poster show
Jonny Hammond: Poster show
Emma Roper: Poster archivist
Mike Francis: Poster show
Kevin Philips: Poster show

Chuck Sperry: Poster artist
Darrin Brenner: Poster artist
Ron Donovan: Poster artist
Winston Smith: Poster artist
Wes Wilson: Poster artist
Gary Houston: Poster artist
John Mavroudis: Poster artist
Wendy Wright: Poster artist
George Sargent: Poster artist
Stanley Mouse: Poster artist
Carolyn Ferris: Poster artist
Dave Hunter: Poster artist
Lauren Yurkovich: Poster artist
Prairie Prince: Poster artist
Dennis Loren: Poster artist
Alexandra Fischer: Poster artist and deputy art director
David Singer: Poster artist
Dennis Larkins: Poster artist

Nick Cernak: Poster team
Stanford Hughes: Architect


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Tribe Comments

zigzagtheclown's picture

well, nowhere NEAR Wavy's story of smoking hash with Hendrix,though I Did get to smoke hash with Wavy Gravy AND Ken Kesey at the '82 Field Trip the second land-benefit outside Veneta before retreating to the woods with a sweetie for rest of show-great sound next to the stream,i think was first break-out of all those new(In The Dark?)songs.

LordEngate's picture

What a concert! Hallalula!...!

LordEngate's picture

What a concert! Hallalula!...!

LordEngate's picture

The opening comedy w/ Wavy & Steve is laden with memories (I Think. Lmao)!
Thank You, to Moonalice! I'm watching the first group now... They sound nice... :-)

MisBeaHaven's picture

Great show guys!!! Thank you for keepin the vibe alive!!!! <3


One of the best performances yet! Great show. Big Steve and David are a great team, too. David is so great with the band, I'd love to see him as a regular guest.

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2014-04-20 @ Tribal Celebration @ Slim's w/ Special Guest David Nelson
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