~ Moonalice Minute 8: Roger McNamee ~

In episode 8, Roger tells the story of how Moonalice was one of the first bands to livestream their performances online and the band's early adoption of Twitter.







~ Featured Show ~

Feb 3, 2024 - Saturday Stream @ Howling Moon Studio, CA

Welcome to the Moonalice tribe - Breaking News!

We are now releasing a new song every four to five weeks! Our next LP with Nettwerk will be acoustic recordings, including two songs we have never released before. The sequence will be Time Has Come Today, People Get Ready, Woo Woo, then a brand new song, Arms Reach Out. The acoustic LP will also include Nick of Time, Love Peace & Happiness, and another new song, More and More.

These tracks will be available on iTunes and wherever you stream, including Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, and Pandora. Direct links are above.

You can help us by streaming our songs, liking them and sharing with friends. Sharing on social is wonderful, but sharing via text and email are even better. Extra credit for listening to our playlists and sharing them.

We love you and appreciate your support!

Tribal Activation: How To Help Us With Streaming
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New Singles

"Attics of My Life (Acoustic)"
"Old & Proud"
"Am I High?"
"More And More" (Acoustic)
"Arms Reach Out" (Acoustic)
"Woo Woo" (Acoustic)
"People Get Ready" (Acoustic)
"Merry Christmas, Happy New Year"
"You're All I Need To Get By"
"Yes We Can Can"
"Love Me Today"
"Love, Peace and Happiness"
"Turn On Your Love Light"
"People Get Ready"
"Let's Get Funky"
"Woo Woo"


Moonalice Tribe Activation: Help Us With Streaming!

If you would like to help us be successful on streaming, there are a few things you can do. First: Get a subscription to Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Tidal, or Pandora. Second: Like and follow Moonalice on the service of your choice. Third: Share links to our music with your friends on social, email, text, or whatever suits you.

How you can help us...

Go to the Moonalice page on your streaming service of choice and follow/like us! Links below:

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Quick Links To Hear Our New Music ...

Full Moonalice Vol. 1:
Full Moonalice Vol. 2:
"Merry Christmas, Happy New Year":

Other things you can do ...

Spotify: After you like our page, share it with friends. Listen to our songs.

Apple Music: Log into your Apple Music account and 1) Search for Moonalice in Apple Music, 2) Listen to Moonalice, 3) Add songs/albums to your library, 4) Add to Playlist, 5) Create Station from any Moonalice song/album/artist, 6) Love any Moonalice song/album, 7) Pre-Save/Order our new songs.

Amazon Music: ahead of release date or on release date, request to follow Moonalice or request our songs on any Echo device.