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Oct 6, 2022 - KRSH Backyard Concert (Rescheduled from Sep 8) @ Santa Rosa, CA
Show time: 7:00pm
According to Moonalice legend, this gig was supposed to happen a month ago, but climate change had other plans. With a forecast of a toasty 103 that day, our friends at KRSH wisely chose to reschedule the show. Today’s poster by John Mavroudis explains why. As you can see on the screen, John’s original poster had TWO suns. It may be a coincidence, but Santa Rosa was on the setting for London broil that day. The temperature is more civilized today because the second sun went where the sun don’t shine. Today is a big day in our tribe. President Biden announced he will pardon everyone convicted at the federal level of cannabis possession. He is encouraging the states which have not always done so to follow his lead. This is very good news. Thank you to KRSH for having us here today. We love you guys! Notes: This show was rescheduled from September 8 due to hot weather. Mookie Siegel played keys First time played: Born to Be Ready

COMING OCT 7, 2022

Welcome to the Moonalice tribe - Breaking News!

Moonalice recently signed with an amazing label, Nettwerk Music, that specializes in streaming. Our plan is to release a new single every five weeks for the next few years. The first three: Time Has Come Today, Woo Woo, and most recently, Let's Get Funky. The next single, People Get Ready, will come March 18. We will release a six-song EP on April 20... with more singles and EPs to follow.

All songs are available on iTunes and all streaming platforms. Direct links can be found with the logos above. You can help the band by listening to our songs, liking them, liking the band, and sharing the links with friends. Texting and email are most effective, but social platforms are also good. Extra credit for listening to our playlists and sharing them!

We love you and appreciate your support!

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New Singles

"Yes We Can Can"
"Love Me Today"
"Love, Peace and Happiness"
"Turn On Your Love Light"
"People Get Ready"
"Let's Get Funky"
"Woo Woo"


Moonalice Tribe Activation: Help Us With Streaming!

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Go to the Moonalice page on your streaming service of choice and follow/like us! Links below:

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Quick Links To Hear Our New Music ...

Woo Woo:
Time Has Come Today:
Let's Get Funky:
People Get Ready:
Turn On Your Love Light:

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Spotify: After you like our page, share it with friends. Listen to our songs.

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