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According to Moonalice legend, tonight’s poster by Chris Shaw depicts a curious piece of tribal technology: the PsychoDuper trip printer. Invented by Professor R. Goldberg Moonalice, it vaguely resembles a typewriter, a trash can, a case of beer, or the Mona Lisa, depending on your state of inebriation. Professor Moonalice was known to overcomplicate even the simplest mechanical processes. In this case, all he wanted to do was print some nice blotter for tonight’s show, but one thing led to another. As a good engineer, the professor tested everything, including the blotter. Every couple of hours. 24x7. For weeks. At the end of which he came up with device you have before you. Take it home and try it for yourself.

Another great SoCal show with Cubensis!


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2012-09-29 @ Winston's
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